SPT is one of the fastest-growing and spreading mini crane’s brand in the world.

It has an impressive range of different models; one of the most popular is undoubtedly SPT299 (used mostly for glazing). The fact that SPT299 (as well as SPT499) is available in a battery-powered version, just proves that SPT tries to minimize environmental impact and makes their cranes more economical and efficient.

What to do to become a Dealer?

LIFT24 is officially responsible for the Scandinavian market.

Step 1

If you would like to know more about SPT cranes, and become a dealer, you can visit our headquarter placed ca. 45 km from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Step 2

We can organize online meetings for your convenience, if needed.


Let's get to the specifics

To become a dealer, you need to: order 2 machines on stock or to rental fleet + have service (maintenance) background

Step 4

LIFT24 provides: service training and support during the cooperation and at its various stages. 

And most importantly

Many doesn’t know that SPT’s cranes are made from very good quality components.

  • Scanreco (Sweden) or Autec (Italy) – radio control
  • Yanmar (Japan) – engine
  • Danfoss (Denmark) – main valve
  • Casappa S.p.A. (Italy) – main pump
  • Nabtesco (Japan) – hydraulic winch
  • Siemens (Germany) – engine control system
  • and other well-known brands

Last but not least,
SPT mini cranes’ standard equipment has:

  • searcher hook
  • radio control with drive function
  • hydraulic winch
  • not to mention 2 years warranty


Do not hesitate to contact me:

SPT Poland & EUSPT Global

Do not hesitate to contact me:

SPT Poland & EUSPT Global